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Get a Quote For Your Project


We would encourage you to contact us from the very outset.  By involving us from the concept stage we can work with you to ensure that your project will come in budget.

As the builder, we have up to date costs from suppliers and we know what can be achieved within any budget.

From our experience, some designers have little knowledge of the final cost of the projects that they design and final quotes from builders are often much higher than expected.

This leads to re-design and further designer fees.

Engage us from the planning stage and we can apply our experience and knowledge of both building and design to deliver you the perfect solution.


Built By Thomas will arrange for all engineering, soil test, and council approvals to take the load off you and ensure all permits are in place.


After the approval of the concept we will produce a set of working drawings that will enable engineering and a detailed quote to follow on.


We will guide you through the construction process from start to finish.  With regular meetings and updates we will keep you informed of the progress.